URL Mapping from Wordpress to Squarespace — a simple solution.

The most annoying thing about transferring a blog from Wordpress from Squarespace is the URL mapping.

By Jason Chatfield

If your site’s permalinks for blog posts were simply [site name]/[post title], they now convert to [site name]/blog/[post title].

The only way, it seems, to remap those is MANUALLY through the URL Mapping feature on Squarespace.

That’s right; they expect you to go through one-by-one and re-map every single blog post url manually using 301 redirects.

Who the hell has time to do that? Especially if you have hundreds of posts. They suggest you perhaps ‘pick your top posts and start with those’…

Here’s how I got around it.

BEFORE you convert your site to Squarespace, follow these instructions.

(Note: If you’re here because you already did it and now you’re looking for a solution, it’s too late for you. I’m sorry. My thoughts are with you.)

  1. Go to the Permalinks section of Wordpress:

2. Go to the “Custom Structure” section and where it says [site name]/%postname%/…

3. Change it to [site name]/blog/%postname%/

Now. There will still be google searches that point to your old hierarchy, but give it a few days to propagate (is that even the right word?) and THEN convert to Squarespace.

By the time you import your Wordpress export file, your posts will already all be re-mapped to /blog

This seems to be one of the biggest gripes about Squarespace.
Hopefully it helps.

Note: I do not work for squarespace. I’m a cartoonist.