I’m having trouble conceptualizing this, so I’m writing it down.

Vocabulary for everyone:

First Price Auctions: You pay exactly the price you bid. You bid 5.00, everyone else bids lower, you win and pay exactly 5.00.

Second Price Auctions: You pay one center over the 2nd highest price in the auction. You bid 5.00, person B bids 4.00, person C bids 3.00. You win, and pay 4.01.

Clearing Price: The price you paid for the impression. In the case, if you were participating in a First Price auction, your clearing price would be 5.00. The second price auction clearing price was 4.01.

Benefits of First Price Auction? …

Today, we’re reviewing some iOS build specific processes and vocabulary.

This research was done while trying to answer a question I get often. I’m still learning this, and I will gloss over details I don’t fully understand.

“How large is your iOS SDK after it has been compiled in our app?”

TL;DR — build and archive your app for ad-hoc distribution first without the framework, and then add the framework. You can do this with a sample project. Building the IPA and inspecting the contents is not always sufficient.

I asked stackoverflow first in a variety of different ways.

And asked google some more times. I got creative. …

For context, I was reading a bit into how the infamous 42.zip bomb works:

42 kilobytes of compressed data, containing five layers of nested zip files in sets of 16, each bottom layer archive containing a 4.3-gigabyte (4 294 967 295 bytes; ~ 3.99 GiB) file for a total of 4.5 petabytes (4 503 599 626 321 920 bytes; ~ 3.99 PiB) of uncompressed data.

A decompression bomb is a zip file that will expand and expand and consume resources. …


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