Our Iron-On and Sew-On Name Tape Labels ARE THE BEST in the industry since 1955. Made right here in the USA, our “old fashioned” process prints indelible ink on labels in such a way that the print won’t smudge or wear out over time… ever! Our tapes are sourced for their unique ability to adhere or sew-on to nearly any garment. These tapes are laundry safe and adhere with a household iron or sewing kit.

Our labels prevent garments from being lost in all industries including camps, nursing homes, camps, military schools, religious organizations, and more! Our name tapes and labels offer a simple solution for an on-going problem.


PHONE: (800) 896–4282
FAX: (603) 889–8705

P.O. Box 35894
Brighton, MA

Be sure to see our Frequently Asked Questions page for more information on what it’s like to shop with us and don’t hesitate to contact us if you have any questions.

Quality: Our name tape labels are the best out there. We guarantee our iron on name tape labels will never peel for the life of the garment.

Who are our customers?

Camps, Nursing Homes, Military, Schools, Daycares, Seminaries, Religious organizations, and anyone who doesn’t to lose clothing.

Having name labels on your laundry is a must have when you do not want to lose clothing. If our labels can prevent even one article of clothing from being lost, we have done our job.

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Please find our Name Tape Labels and don’t forget the coupon code.

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