What If It Goes Right?

Or how to be more realistically positive

Photo by Aaron Burden on Unsplash

A friend was recently telling me about their plans for setting up their own business. They’d been thinking about it on and off for years and things were such in their life that now seemed like the perfect opportunity to make it happen. But strangely, although she was clearly passionate about this idea, all I could hear her say was ‘But what if it goes wrong?’

‘What if I start the business and things don’t work out. Businesses go under all the time.’

‘But what if it goes right?’

‘What if I go with this supplier/client and it goes wrong and they end up leaving me in the lurch?’

‘But what if it goes right?’

You get the drift.

Of course, we have to be practical and realistic with our dreams and ambitions if we want to make them happen, but how does constantly focusing on the potential negative outcomes help achieve this?

There are no guarantees of course and I do not belong to the cheesy and simplistic ‘positivity is everything’ school of thought, but from a purely practical point of view, how differently could things turn out if we focus on the positive factors of our situation? It takes just as much energy to focus on something positive as it does something negative.

Yes, we need to be aware of what could go wrong so that we can solve any problems to move forward. But what if we were to use the ‘negative’ situation’ and then reformulate that to our advantage into something that could actually help us.

Solely focusing on anything with a ‘what if it goes wrong?’ mindset will not help anybody, but looking at a seemingly negative situation in a more constructive and realistically positive light can make all the difference and may actually help us make some progress to where we want to be.

I also like to think of this positive/negative conundrum being similar to the idea in martial arts where you defend yourself by deflecting the negative and aggressive energy away from you. The deflected (and ‘reformulated’) negative energy provides you with positive energy to move to where you want to be. which it can only do of course, with a healthy dose of being practical and realistic.

Either way, however you look at it, if the end result is not what we want, we can at least spend our time and energy more constructively by wanting something good to happen as opposed to expecting something bad to happen.
I know which I would prefer. What about you?