The Chinese System May Become Popular — How Can We Help?

In fact, countries like Taiwan, Singapore, Chile, not just China, have shown that actually, it’s economic growth that is a prerequisite for democracy. In a recent study, the evidence has shown that income is the greatest determinant of how long a democracy can last. The study found that if your per capita income is about 1,000 dollars a year, your democracy will last about eight and a half years. If your per capita income is between 2,000 and 4,000 dollars per year, then you’re likely to only get 33 years of democracy. And only if your per capita income is above 6,000 dollars a year will you have democracy come hell or high water. — Dr. Dambisa Moyo

The Chinese system has proven its ability to lift hundreds of millions of people out of poverty in a relatively short amount of time. Statistics have shown that democracies are not always liberal democracies, in the sense of allowing free expression and freedom of movement. Dambisa Moyo asks — could developing nations develop more successfully into a desirable form of liberal democracy if we first focus on approach to economic development that China has proven can succeed?

In addition to the Chinese system, which many developing nations may begin to adopt around the world, a new synthesis of ideas is emerging in the existing wealthy liberal democracies that we might call “Left-Libertarianism” [1]. These tendencies combine decentralization, resistance to corruption, more direct democracy, distributed manufacturing, increased efficiency, commitment to individual rights and the effective delivery of government social services.

Although the Chinese system may seem to be at odds with the emerging Left-Libertarian model, there may be excellent opportunities for cooperation.

The Chinese system is excellent at producing low cost, high quality components and processed materials that can be integrated into local, distributed manufacturing projects — in addition to finished products that many people wish to consume without much additional customization. Those wishing to cooperate with the developing nations pursuing the Chinese system can purchase items from these manufactures for inclusion in their designs and local manufacturing projects.

If nations should choose to pursue the Chinese system, liberals should encourage them to allow for humans rights monitoring and to present a clear plan for the transition to a more complete liberal democracy. Perhaps there could be deadlines and milestones that must be met in order for the management group operating the government to stay in power with few democratic checks. The plan to transition to a liberal democracy could also include provisions for allowing democratic control at more local levels while the infrastructure plans are completed. We should also demand that any eugenics-type projects be done in a way that is voluntary only, transparent to medical oversight groups around the globe, and universally accessible through government subsidies.

As the emerging nations begin to transition into wealthy liberal democracies, improvements in automation could also allow them to transition to the Left-Libertarian model that will include expanded individual freedoms.


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