An Open Letter To You
talia jane

Great blog! What are you going to do now? You are the latest person to hit the internet complainer’s lottery! Are you going to do what most people do and spend it all in a year or two and be back at square one in an apartment you can’t afford working at a job that doesnt pay much because the reality is you aren’t skilled at anything but complaining on the internet? Congratulations on being bailed out of your poor planning and budgetting because you targeted your high-profile employer who gave you a job meanwhile your problem was with the local housing market and the fact that you were unwilling to do what everyone else who can’t afford to live in their own place does and get a place with roommates so you could afford to live in the area you wanted to live in even though you didnt have the skills to acquire a salary that would support your desired living situation. You were supposed to be learning a lesson here but you were lucky and you got enough attention to get some emotional support from readers and in turn some monetary support from people. You were supposed to get a speeding ticket from life here, you were spending more than you were making, you needed to learn how to change your situation to fit your means. Most people in the world are making less than you did and living in cheaper places. Instead of getting that speeding ticket you got a warning, NO, you got a REWARD because the internet hit enough people to focus on you, this is your 15 min of fame and soon it will be over and you won today, but you lost in the lesson of life. Someone like you needs to learn. There are so many other people who really deserve to be bailed out in their situation, you are NOT one of them. Shame on you.

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