An Open Letter To My CEO
talia jane

“Poor planning on your part does not constitute an emergency on mine” Live by this quote! Clearly you planned out your living situation very poorly and now you want to blame someone else? It sickens me that you will probably get free money from people because this has gone ‘viral’. But, the reality of your situation is that you signed a lease on a place you cannot afford, bottom line, your whole problem is you. You should never pay more than half of your month’s salary for rent. I understand it’s hard to find a place that is affordable but this is the situation for millions of people on the planet. You need to live with a roommate(s) if you can’t afford to live on your own, it’s way cheaper and it’s what a lot of people do to make life work while they are single and starting out. If you want to complain to anyone, you should be writing the local government about the housing climate, not your boss about the pay that was offered to you and accepted by you when you first started. You are a selfish little princess who expects to have everything the way you want it to be because TV and your Twitter Feed tell you that’s what everyone has. Wrong. I will say one thing, you are truly a talented meme and joke maker and it’s surprising that this is something that gets the respect it deserves. I mean, hardly anyone on the internet can do what you do right? You are special person and you deserve money for being so uniquely good at making fun of things and complaining. We need so much more of that. Please send this girl money so she doesn't need to learn the lessons of her mistakes. We need to protect this talented internet poster from the realities of things like budgets and planning, it will only get in the way of her prolific career of making memes in her expensive apartment.

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