Rise and Shine

Each morning I wake up and look out the window to check the weather. Then I pick up my phone and stop pretending that I can tell what the temperature is just by looking out the window. Depending on the read out, I make my way to one of three piles in my apartment and gear up for the morning. These piles are strategically chosen by their ability to keep me warm, dry, and safe. Every farmer is well versed in the morning ritual of dressing for the weather and over the years I’ve gotten much better at knowing what tools I’m going to need for that particular day. I see my clothes as personal protective equipment (PPE). Without them, I cannot get the job done, and at worst, I may be injured by not protecting myself from the cold or the sun. I have at least three pairs of boots that have been baptized in cow patties and an entire set of clothes dedicated to calving season. As time goes on, I find myself investing money in quality products that I know will last for more than a couple of seasons. I have found there is a real difference in the durability of certain brands. When I look at the clothes in my closet I see a time capsule. The scars and stains are the memories of some really good times and some disasters. There are as many opinions on farm clothing as there are people, but if you have something you think I should know about drop me and email and let me know. Oh and to everyone out there who is getting fed up with the current fashion trend of urban logger and farmer, relax they’ll soon go back to bell bottoms and hyper color shirts and hopefully we can pick up all their very slightly used clothing at the thrift shop for next to nothing!