How to Be Great at Anything

Putting a limit on sleeping is a start

Jason Dickson
Aug 10 · 5 min read
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Sleeping instead of attempting to perfect your craft can cost you your future. If you’re pretty good at a profession or hobby, and looking to advance it in any way, you won’t do it by substituting your hard work and efforts for beauty sleep.

Dreaming and thinking and not taking action towards goals or wants is nothing but laziness most of the time, and no worthy professional has ever gotten anywhere worthwhile by just dreaming or thinking about where they’d want to go. They strapped on their boots, typed their destination into their GPS and went off to work.

Some of us have a lemon squeezer to squeeze lemons into lemonade. Others have to squeeze lemons by hand to get a taste. As we’re squeezing lemons frequently to quench our thirst on hot summer days, we can imagine how horrible we were at doing it when we first started. Not only did the process not turnout how we envisioned, but our strength wasn’t as strong as it is now, making it a little fatiguing to squeeze all the lemons to make enough for the entire family. We never bought the lemon squeezer, we just became really good at squeezing lemons by hand. And now with the addition of adding the right amount of sugar and spring water, we make the best lemonade.

Our lemonade has been sold at lemonade stands by the kids. Our lemonade has been used in punches at parties. And our lemonade has been talked about as the best ever tasted by many who have had the pleasure of drinking it.


Michael Jordan and LeBron James didn’t lead their teams to championships, appear in multiple all-star games, win NBA MVPs and get considered the greatest basketball players that ever existed by not practicing. They didn’t overcome the competition by not having a goal to be the best. They didn’t do it by being wimpy. They didn’t do it by not believing in themselves. These superstars did their best, but not only that, they studied the game in detail, found out the mistakes other superstars made and worked not to make the same ones. Although every player isn’t created equal, you are only limited if you think this way. If you believe, and work like you’re as good as Michael Jordan, Magic Johnson, Larry Bird, etc., you qualify. If you don’t make it to their position, surely hard work pays off one way or another. Keep up the intensity.

The Man in the Mirror

When you look into the mirror you should see the potential in yourself. You should be able to complement yourself, encourage yourself and smile with confidence that you’ll make it to your destination. What’s the point of buying cherries if you do not have a cherry pitter? Sounds dumb doesn’t it? Just like, being good at something and choosing sleep over progressing whatever that is. If you make such a foolish decision, then you must get wacked over the head like Curly from the 3 stooges to let your talents, gifts and skills go to waste. Besides being just plain dumb lazy, what could actually prevent you from perfecting your craft?

Maybe you have a 9 to 5 that causes you to sleep a lot, or perhaps you aren’t eating healthy enough. Maybe you have more than one kid who always needs something from you, or you’re not eating your vitamins or drinking enough water. Until you’ve consumed daily balanced meals consistently over the course of months to years; consumed eight glasses of water a day; gotten at least three good workouts a week, besides having a health condition, you shouldn’t have a valuable excuse as to why you’re choosing sleep over working to become great at something.


When becoming great, your mind may shut off and you might be clueless on what to do next. Don’t stress, don’t give up and don’t think you’re not worthy. A plan is necessary to persevere to a conclusion point. Never shoot your gun blind, because you may shoot one of your own, and in this case, being great can land you a bigger opportunity to put your family in a better position. If you do not have a definite finish line every time you work on your perfection, you can spin wheels and go nowhere, just a waste of time on activities that have no value. Greatness is high value. Once you have a plan, your mind should always activate whenever it shuts off from confusions, difficulties, unexpected occurrences and over doing it.

Don’t Quit

There will be times when your mind and body may want to quit. If this occurs before you’ve reached your goals for the days, your will power better turn on. You have to know that you have an ultimate goal of being and staying great. Whatever that requires is your ultimate goal. If you give up too soon this can weaken your trust in yourself to do whatever it takes to be great. Once you fail to trust yourself, you’ll begin to doubt yourself. And with doubt comes laziness. And with laziness comes sleep. Push yourself to finish out your day strong, and stick to the plan, all the way to the end.

Sleep is important in replenishment, but too much unnecessary sleep due to laziness is death to your greatness. Plan your days to master your potential and develop into near perfection by study, implementation, determination, persistence and consistency. Don’t just be good at what you do, be great.

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