The Problem With Suspects

We need to stop labeling people suspects when we have no reason to believe they did anything.

Every time the US hits some guy with a drone he’s a “suspect,” just because he happened to get hit. Yet over 95% of those victims are never named, and are left as “suspects” on the books, because that’s less embarrassing than calling them civilians.

It’s the same with police shootings. Every time the cops shoot some homeless guy or some kid, the guy’s a “suspect.” Not because anyone really suspects them of doing anything, but because the police are hoping they can dig up some dirt on him later. And because “suspects” is less embarrassing than calling them innocent bystanders.

Moreover, no, Malawi mobs did not kill “seven suspected vampires.” They just didn’t. There’s no such thing as a suspected vampire because there’s no such thing as a vampire. But because “suspected vampire” sounds less embarrassing than “actual human being,” they’ve become suspects.

They’re not suspects though, nor vampires. So lets stop giving people the benefit of the doubt for obviously messed-up shit they’re doing.