I Wanted To Sell This To You

Jason Zook
Sep 28, 2017 · 5 min read

I’ve got this project. It’s helped hundreds of people. It means the world to me. And I wanted to sell it to you in a Medium story.

This is a photo of me to create credibility.

I was going to try to sell you on my thing by sharing lessons I’d learned selling other things.

I would start out by sharing stories from projects I’ve created since 2008. I’ve sold some pretty weird stuff:

  • From 2008–2013 I sold the shirt off my back, kind of. I created a project called IWearYourShirt and wore a sponsored shirt every day.
  • In 2012 and 2013 I sold my actual last name. I grew up with three different ones, and after IWearYourShirt, it seemed like something fun to try.
  • In 2014 I sold 204 pages of my first book. Well, I sold short sponsor messages on the bottom of those pages. People actually enjoyed reading those messages throughout the book.
  • From 2015 — Today I’ve sold my future. Yeah, that’s the thing I want to sell to you. But this is just a tease of the thing, you’d need to keep reading to hear more.

I was going to breakdown each one of those projects with things that could help you become better at selling your thing.

You know, maybe 12 total lessons (3 from each one)?

12 Lessons You Can Learn From Weird Projects That Generated $1,800,000!

But, that didn’t feel right. I’ve written some version of that before. And if we’re being honest, does anyone read a “XX Steps…” or “XX Tips” stories and actually implement those steps/tips/lessons?

Then I thought about trying to sell my thing to you via a relatable moment.

I was going to talk to you about how I can relate to you. I would bring up the feelings of self-doubt I used to (and still) have while selling things.

I‘d go back to the beginning of my entrepreneurial journey and talk about these thoughts:

  1. How defeating selling something can feel if no one buys.
  2. How crappy it feels when someone asks for the first refund.
  3. How much pressure and stress we put on ourselves to make as much money as possible.

Then I’d transition nicely into the successful moment: Landing a few sales and how great it feels! Not only getting money for your efforts, but also validation for your ideas and what you want to put out into the world.

There would have been at least one quotable moment in that story that got a bunch of claps. I would have highlighted that quote for you:

You format the text like this on a Medium story and you’re almost guaranteed claps.

But, while I CAN relate to you, because there was a time a few years ago when I sold my first thing, I decided that wasn’t the route to go either.

One of the final ideas for selling my thing to you was to hammer you over the head with testimonials.

Social proof! Social proof! Social proof!

This is where you see photos of real people (well, you have to assume they’re real). I’d probably put quotes from them in fun image styles like this:

Those testimonials would do a couple of things:

  • Show you that the thing I’m selling appeals to men and women
  • Tease the branding of my project so your brain understands the testimonials are connected to it
  • Appeal to things you want in your life (community, success, happiness)

I could have even mixed it up with some simpler testimonials. Lots of people use Slack these days, so I would show you three screen captures from Slack (with reaction emojis, obviously):

And of course I chose to show three images because odd numbers have proven to make sense to our brains.

(Oh snap, did you see how I also just proved a point with an article?)

But instead of all that, what if I just asked you to check out the thing I’m selling and you could decide if it was right for you?

Just an honest ask?

If you’re a creative entrepreneur, or someone looking to take the leap from the 9–5 world into the online biz world, we created BuyOurFuture to give you all the tools, knowledge, and a vibrant community to support your journey.

BuyOurFuture (previously BuyMyFuture) is a pretty damn unique offering:

  • It’s 31+ products guaranteed
  • First access to anything my wife and I create in the future (forever)
  • Access to us for any help/advice
  • Entrance into a community of 353+ generous/thoughtful humans
  • Roadmaps through our products to help you recoup your investment

If that seems intriguing, I’d love for you to check out BuyOurFuture.com and see if this thing I want to sell you is something you want to buy.

Jason Zook

Written by

All Medium stories written here can now be found at wanderingaimfully.com :)

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