Jason Zook
Dec 11, 2017 · 2 min read

Really great stuff here Alice Karolina Smith. I’ve wrestled with the “enough” complex for years. So much of why we get stuck striving for more (of all things) is like you said, it’s bred into us from birth.

One of the best exercises I did to overcome my own addiction to growth was to actually write out exactly what I wanted in life. Then, for all of those things, I asked why… and then I asked why again… and then again. This was actually a psychological trick that founder of Toyota used on his employees (he used “5 Whys”). If you REALLY go deep on this and answer honestly, most of the stuff we strive for isn’t because we actually want it, it’s because society has told us that’s what we should want.

If we can fix the things we desire and aim for in life, there’s a nice side effect of creating extra time and space to make a difference and to challenge norms. Like anything else though, it’s not easy. Plus, it feels really uncomfortable to tell people “I have enough and am not trying to buy a yacht.”

One of the scariest decisions I made a few years ago was to admit I’d made it. But once I did, I felt a weight lifted off my shoulders and stopped worrying about everything else. Now I just strive for the truth of what actually matters to me and for what I truly care about in life/business. All while trying not to buy the laundry detergent that I’ve subconsciously seen the most ads for over the years.

We need more folks like you sharing these thoughts. Maybe one day these sentiments will outweigh the popularity of all the “X person got $40m in funding for their app” articles.

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