We’ve decided to charge $100 per month for our next product. Could we generate more sales if we priced it at $95, $97, or $99? Probably. But we don’t want to use that psychological pricing tactic any longer.

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If you’re curious about what our $100 product is, my wife and I are building a membership community called Wandering Aimfully. …

I’ve got this project. It’s helped hundreds of people. It means the world to me. And I wanted to sell it to you in a Medium story.

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I was going to try to sell you on my thing by sharing lessons I’d learned selling other things.

I would start out by sharing stories from projects I’ve created since 2008. I’ve sold some pretty weird stuff:

  • From 2008–2013 I sold the shirt off my back, kind of. I created a project called IWearYourShirt and wore a sponsored shirt every day.
  • In 2012 and 2013 I sold my actual last name. I grew up with three different ones, and after IWearYourShirt, it seemed like something fun to try.
  • In 2014 I sold 204 pages of my first book. Well, I sold short sponsor messages on the bottom of those pages. People actually enjoyed reading those messages throughout the book. …

In 2013 when I stop being “the t-shirt guy” and started my journey to create and sell products (online courses, podcasts, books) and services (software products, consulting, etc), I had ZERO clue what I was going.

I didn’t have any writing skills.

I didn’t know who my audience was or should be.

I didn’t know what “thing” I should create first.

I watched all the webinars, read all the articles, and figured someone would finally give me that ONE precious tactic that would make everything easy for me.

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You know what came next, right?

I found no such tactic. Instead, I found myself with too much information and no clear direction or path to follow. I felt like I was standing at a fork in the road, yet instead of the fork having two directions, it had about 200. …


Jason Zook

All Medium stories written here can now be found at wanderingaimfully.com :)

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