Jason Zook
Nov 13, 2017 · 1 min read

The real interesting thing about all these pop-ups is that they work… to a degree. The numbers don’t lie for most people: Pop-ups convert email subscribers higher than anything else.


That’s where the data analyzation should start (but ends for most people).

What’s the lifetime value of a pop-up subscriber? Heck, do those people actually read/open/take action in emails you send them? I’ve found, and so have friends of mine, that the subscribers you capture via pop-ups, exit intents, content upgrades, etc, tend to be the lowest value subscribers. Not only do they never purchase, but after a few weeks they’ve completely stopped opening emails altogether.

Good stuff Val Geisler. Less of ALL the pop-ups, and more of the list-building tactics that aren’t so disruptive.

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