Dark Matter & Dark Energy

A different perspective

My question revolves around gravity. I’ll try to sum it up in a few sentences, but in a very unscientific way. In brief, dark matter attracts, dark energy repels, and everything in-between is unknown.

FYI, I’m not a physicist or mathematician, so please take that into account.

What if Dark Energy acts as a perfect spherical lattice, which represents the fabric of space and it expanding outer edge. It’s a contained ‘box’. Individual dark matter is fitted within the perfect lattice of Dark Energy (not really, but I don’t know how to say with drawing a picture) that connect and create conceptual space and time (age). 
 Now picture this perfect lattice fitted and held together by dark matter, but as a sealed box, and let’s imagine water fills this box to 100% capacity, that will never evaporate or leave, only expand. Now, let’s magically place all other matter in this box, but without leaking any water. Now, resulting matter clusters, which attract alike over time through chaos theory, which is now our resulting universe. Matter creates gravity in all directions based on density and mass, which is created by a resulting pressure of the fabric of Dark Energy, woven together by Dark Matter pushing back to account for the matter that now occupies it’s space. Dark Energy acts as a closed expanding box, which is allows pressure within the vacuum of space to push back on matter taking its space. 
 Taking a planet for instance, as you work outward from the core, the density of its layers change. And by assuming the fabric of space (Dark Matter/Energy) is on such scale that it’s moves through matter, but only based on density of a resulting mass. The more dense an object, the more resulting fabric of space that is repelled outward (stretched), which is what’s responsible for creating planetary orbits, from the crunching, bending, and compression rings created by matter removing the fabric of space. So, the surface of a planet acts as an outer shell, which only creates resistance to penetration of the fabric of space, but as it moves inwards, towards the outer core (not inner), the density in matter changes, creating higher resistance to penetration from the physical pressure created by the expansion of the fabric of space-time; not removal, but the warping and stretching . 
The acceleration of the fabric of space time, could be due to a multiverse that continues to exists within the same lattice, but rather at different points in space time. With each big bang (which I believe that prime numbers play a part in), they grow stronger and more complex, taking knowledge from the past verse; stronger, relating to ripping space to form within itself in a parallel universe, but rebirthed from the outer edge of current space-time, and sent back through methods of how to turn a sphere inside out (which becomes more complex with each rebirth) and black holes that consume the center of most galaxies. It’s a seemingly merger of this multiverse, that is continuously birthed and stitched together, that creates an illusion only detectable by mathematics.

I live and create in my head, so I visualize everything in grave detail before actually creating or converting into words. Whatever I say here, is just that I lack the language to fully translate, as the idea is still amateurish at best. A mathematical model is the only way I could provide a proof.

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