Why Solving Big Food & Healthcare Problems Will Yield Spectacular Companies
Mark Suster

Food is one of those things where educating yourself on what to put in your body, becomes important to maintain positive energy and health. Preventive care is lost, because oddly enough most health related issues are from behavior, which can disturb genetic traits. Preventive care, early warning detection can be transformed from mostly data that must remain continuously consistent, and the magic will create it’s self. Cures or genetic alteration for the most part are just in their infancy, so community driven data will be the most powerful step in preventive care or related, until science fiction becomes reality. Hardware will increase the type and amount of information that we are capable of transcribing, because useful data is more important if we want big changes.

Basically, I’m just saying that I agree with the statements that you have mention, and believe the largest industry we have seen to date will be in healthcare/home healthcare, because in the end, it’s the most important thing to humanity, and required for us to endure the times, change the times and solve the big riddles of life.

Congratulations on the success of Nima. I’m sure it’s well deserved going both ways.

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