Why I want to pursue an MBA?

Image credits: Indiaeducation.net

As a kid who first picked up a ball at the tender age of 7, the world of sports was something I was immediately drawn to. The effort, the sacrifices, the crowd, the euphoria after a victory, the despair in defeat, the emotions involved in a rivalry, are just few of the many things that drew me towards it. Above all, what this new ‘world’ provided me was a stage — a place where I could express myself without any hesitation. While expressing one’s thoughts and ideas may seem normal to most people, but for me — a shy kid low on self-confidence, this stage meant everything! I started playing football but as I grew older and taller, I found what I now proudly call my first love, the game of basketball.

The basketball court was my stage and as any other performer would, I worked hard to improve at my craft. The sport was now an art for me and I became an aspiring artist. As I practised my art daily, I grew not only as an artist, but as an individual as well. Just as any other form of art, basketball had a profound impact on me. It helped me grow physically, improved my fitness, made me mentally and emotionally strong, and helped the shy kid become a confident adult.

As I write this, looking back at things compels me to acknowledge the profound impact basketball has had on my overall development. I have come a long way from being that 7-year-old shy kid — happy in the bubble he created for himself — to being a grown man, who is partially responsible (I will eventually get there 😝). As my way of paying it forward, I want to revolutionise and popularise sports into a rather mainstream option for the holistic development of a child. I also want to ensure that we do not lose talent by monetizing sports other than cricket. For this very reason, I want to pursue my MBA.

To quote Albert Einstein, “Everybody is a genius. But if you judge a fish by its ability to climb a tree, it will live its whole life believing that it is stupid.” Popularising and monetizing the lesser known sports would simply mean more career options for children who may not necessarily be as good academically. An MBA at a top institution will provide me with the necessary platform to get a job in the renowned organisations of the sporting world. It will also provide me with an opportunity to network with similar-minded peers (who I’m sure will end up successful in their respective field in the future), which I could possibly leverage in the future. On gaining the necessary and relevant experience, I wish to start my own venture that will help start a sporting revolution in India.

An MBA for me is another platform, a stage where I can develop myself, hone my skills and create networks which will help me in my goal — A sport (all sports equally) loving India.