#42 (aka When Suddenly…)

I woke up suddenly

in a panic -

I felt like a werewolf in the grips

of its humanity…

I was sweating profusely and trembling

and I felt

The Fear

hovering just over me,

not of me yet,

I was still at that point

just a possibility.

My soul began to panic

in the face of its own mystery…

Eternity is a horror

to the eye that can not

interpret it.

And in that moment,

I could not



One moment slipped into the next,

the langoliers of time and space

feasting on the entrails

of our dreams…

I held on tightly to the moorings

of my greatest idea of me

When suddenly…


From within came a crash

…an instant loss of gravity overcame

me, and a fast realization emerged

headlong into being:


was on my side

from here out.

I’d been Awakened

to a brave new world


— J.E.Benson

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