Last night I dreamt that I was a leaf, at first just a bud, to be exact..but I experienced what the bud experienced, I was the bud.
As the days turned to weeks, weeks slid into months, spring gave way to summer; eventually I reached the absolute peak of my leaf experience: It was flashing and Golden like the warm light of a lighthouse on the horizon. I was as grand as I was green and symmetrical and aware...I was beautiful in the way that a cloud resembles a circus animal..If you can imagine that?
My decline began at the end of August. August 27th, 2014, to be exact. 3:37pm.
From nowhere I could hear the gentle weeping of a piano...and then’s Duke Ellington and John Coltrane ripping down a soulful version of " In A Sentimental Mood". 
From the very first note my life as a leaf began it’s shuffle towards death. 
Remember, this is a dream. If you forget that fact this whole story will start to get weird, and we’ll digress...anyway, at my death, I fell from my branch, and slowly, I followed myself (that is to say, as a leaf...keep up!) drift lazily wayward, vulnerable to the adventures called in by the wind...And finally, resting at the foot of the tree from whence I came, devoid of any beauty or accolade or praise...nothing to suggest my former glory...All that is left is a shell. And it’s not saying a thing. And all to the sounds of Duke Ellington and John Coltrane....
There’s a metaphor there, I’m sure of it.

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