What is racism? Are you a racist? Can black people be racist to white people?

This is such bullshit. NO THE DEFINITION OF RACISM IS NOT WRONG. Somewhere along the line, in some dark corner of the internet, some lame brain social justice warrior came up with some idea that the term racism needed to only apply when it was ingrained in “the system”. The only problem with this, is it is complete nonsense. The definition is as it stands. It never had anything to do with “the system” and it never will. You can have a racist system, but you do not need the system to define a person as racist. YES black people can be racist towards white people. Stop writing these bullshit articles where you try to over complicate a simple word, and in the process think you are looking smart, or “deep”. You don’t. You just cause massive eyerolls to everyone else. Gay used to mean happy…now you say gay and people assume it deals with sexual orientation. The word “retarded” had another meaning as well, and it has changed. The point is even if you were right, and our past generations meant for the word racism to have a deeper philosophical meaning than what it has today(they didn’t) then the fact still remains that the words meaning has changed with the times. Popular opinion rules, and no amount of trendy little articles where you attempt to look intelligent can change that.

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