This Weird Little Company Wants to Build the Next A-10
David Axe

I don’t see much hope for this aircraft unless they can figure out a way for it to take off and land on LHA’s. Reason being, the A-29 is good enough, reliable enough, well armed enough, cheap enough, and most importantly, developed enough to completely fill the OA-X requirments for the airforce. The Marines, however, are clearly in need of an affordable light attack plane with the range and speed to escort ospreys on long range missions. In order to fit that clear future requirement, they need to be able to safely deploy from gator carriers.

As an interim solution, the Marines are currently working on ways to arm their existing fleet of ospreys; however, the prosepect of using a vulnerable seventy million dollar aircraft to loiter above a battlefield make straffing runs seems somewhat ill conceived. So, maybe if Stavatti can demonstrate the capability to deploy from Lha’s with a package that’s more survivable than an A-29 than the Marines might be able to convince the airforce to spend a little more money on a more robust joint solution. Now, how they get a 30,000 pound airplane to stop in 850 feet without an arresting capable, I couldn’t tell you.

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