I’ll look into MMT.
Denys L

Good piece Denys.

Like Keith, I was surprised when you talked about “financing” the schemes particularly as you have touched on Randall Wray and other MMT proponents.

First for an idea of what We are saying listen to Alan Greenspan explain it to Paul Ryan:

It’s real resources and things to buy, not the amount of currency.

This is kind of the first go-to comprehensive explaining the lies we are told and how money really works (MMT):


The book is on amazon too, but that’s a free link as Warren Mosler definitely doesn’t need the money amd you’re a student so a free link. ;-)

Economist Bill Mitchell has an amazing blog worth checking out too like this: http://bilbo.economicoutlook.net/blog/?p=35836

Here’s a video of him here:

Also this is a my favourite video of an MMT vs Austrian economics debate. Warren Mosler is great in this and destroys Austrian economics (in the macro sense, not so much micro) IMO:

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