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Hi Shauna sorry for the slow reply I’ve been a bit busy.

As far as the JG wages most proponents say it should be a living wage decided by voters so it might go up and down depending on which political party is in power. Ideally the minimum wage would be lifted to provide this floor. If a business can’t pay staff this living wage then JG proponents rightfully say they should go out of business so the labour and resources can be utilised more efficiently – one of the beauty of destructive capitalism.

The JG has the economic backing of modern monetary theory (MMT) that just explains that (fiat) monetary sovereign governments with a floating exchange rate don’t have limits on how much they can spend other than the real local resources available for purchase i.e. Inflation is the limit to spending not arbitrary fiscal deficits.

Here’s some more info from an Aussie economist:

Here’s an article today from the UK perspective:

Bernie Sanders may possibly have proposed a JG and here’s a short article explaining it for the USA:

In regards to where jobs are compared to people I need to think about it. Maybe Neil Wilson might be able to add a link or a comment?

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