I didn’t hold you responsible for your government before you were born, I noted your refusal to…
Brent Cottontail Kennedy

I know Aussie history reasonably well so I wasn’t denying it, I’m just realising that not much is changing for aborigines even though so much effort and money has been expended by people since then but aborigines lives don’t seem to be getting much better by most metrics.

My parents are from Northern Ireland and emigrated to Australia to escape the “troubles” of terrorist attacks and then poverty of norther Ireland. Does this give them the right to wallow in their past pain and wait for other people to come fix their lives? No they worked their ass off for us and have managed to build up a reasonable life now for us and the rest of the now growing extended family.

My question is at what point is personal responsibility supposed to become a thing in your world? Can I be a victim my whole life? Sure I can, but I’ve been there and finally realised no ones coming to save me.

The only way for things to change is by me and other humans doing something to actually change it. Why is it my responsibility to fix everyone else’s problems? Why am I guilty of them simply by mentioning them? It’s a weird logic.

At the end of the day life is short. We all struggle with life but it’s up to us to do something to change our lives. I don’t think sitting back and expecting others to fix our lives is a viable option. It certainly wasn’t for humans to evolve to who we are now. Why do you think it’s ok for people to sit back and expect everyone to fix everything for them?

I can voluntarily help others which I do, but it seems listening to you and others that I’m born with some type of religious guilt like killing Christ? How can a baby be born guilty of anything? How can I be guilty of others actions before me? How can not recognising every single thing done In history in exactly the right manner mean I’m suddenly the one who’s wrong? I suspect it has more to do with my skin colour than anything else, which by definition is racism.

Finally to help you and others understand my point as it’s a subtle but incredibly important philosophical difference.

You become broke overnight do you:

  1. Beg on the street?
  2. Do something to try and add value to others so they will hopefully pay you?

I have been to many poor countries and see this regularly. Most people in poor countries get out and do something. Begging isn’t really that common unless they have a major physical ailment that means they have to; which is absolutely understandable and I try to give them donations.

I remember a homeless guy Brian in Sydney who started doing shoe shines for money. I was always impressed with him as he started with a foam box for people to sit on. He got on fighting and got a chair etc and was still going strong years later. He would often get paid well for his efforts. He was memorialised in the newspapers after his death as a memorable figure. Everyone can do something. Making excuses for people doing nothing seems like more of a disservice to them.

Finally the British killed about 1 million Irish due to causing starvation during the great potato famine. Yes it was bad but are you and others saying I should be angrily punishing the British still and sitting back waiting for a personal apology? Life doesn’t work like that. You need to move on or you never personally progress.

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