Where to Have a Near-Death Experience in Los Angeles
Zan Romanoff

I like your writing style but I’m left with so many questions after reading it. Maybe that’s a good sign you have a lot more to write 😊.

  • Were your tyres pumped properly and have good tread?
  • Were you stoned or possibly affected at the time?
  • Pot doesn’t help much with trauma as your brain can’t solve a lot at a young age dealing with big emotional things. Ok I’ll stop trying to be a dad now ☺️ but in my experience I think it was true.
  • By driving through that area regularly you are doing the right thing to expose yourself again. The worst thing to do based on science is to avoid it and never realise eventually that you are in control and could even just slow down or something there.

Anyways thanks and hope to see more if your writing.