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I looked up transphobia and assume it means a fear of men dressed as women and vice versa, is that correct? I definitely have some arachnophobia as I hate spiders but don’t think I have any transphobia. Ive lived in Se Asia and don’t recall any irrational fears of ladyboys whilst there particularly in Thailand. I also don’t think I’m racist like you claim. Ive had African and Asian girlfriends before. In fact some of my first friends in school were Sri Lanka and Chinese. I’m not even attracted to white girls and nearly all my previous loves have been non-white.

Where do you get off throwing accusations of racism and bigotry seemingly at random at people on medium and then reporting them with your incorrect accusations? Why are you trying to imagine what offends others and attempt to save them by reporting? You sound a bit unhinged mentally from the evidence I’m presented. Sorry if that hurts your feelings but life isn’t fair and you’ll be held accountable for what you say just like the real world.

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