How Silicon Valley Decimated the Middle Class and Fueled the Rise of Trump
Paris Marx

Silicon Valley is just a symptom of the problem and honestly should be celebrated if people understood the truth.

Less work for all of us is a good thing. The issue is that capital owners don’t want to share the spoils of the massive productivity gains.

Science fiction has written about less work for decades and its entirely possible NOW. The capital classes issue the very small (in scale – millions as opposed to the billions in return) political donations in exchange for shrinking worker rights and social welfare provided by government.

Unions fought hard and it involved real lives being lost to get the rights we take for granted now. Until it gets bad enough again the workers rights will continue to be stolen. The opiates of consumption – iPhones and fast food – are pretty powerful and it will take quite a bit to make people desperate enough to fight again.

Sadly the environmental destruction approaching fast may decide our fate for us. It’s going to get very messy once we have millions of climate change refugees. Part of me is glad I don’t have kids but my nieces and nephews will have to suffer the world we give them.

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