Without Kalanick, many of the changes we are experiencing today in relation to the transport of people in cities would not have taken place, or at least not as quickly.
Uber: new stage
Enrique Dans

Taxis and public transport in so much of the world absolutely sucks and is trapped in the past like fossilised dinosaurs. I’m so glad he has disrupted this industry. Yes he was overly aggressive and pushed the limits but it would never have happened without that I believe. Sadly yes this also feeds into a testosterone driven culture that should have been better governed by the board to keep him in line. I just completed my corporate governance subject today for my MBA and really wish I had done my assignment on uber. It only occurred to me too late sadly.

Uber will be a great lesson for future generations of business students. The recommendations from the Holder report may well be the future guideline for corporate governance of the “perfect” company so there is sun on the horizon. At the end of the day uber must profit or it can’t exist. Businesses must profit or they die.

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