Black people can’t be racist.
Amelia (Mia) Smalls

Wow 15 people agree with you as of now!?

Wtf is going on with the world that everyone is so racist? Humans are all the same thing pretty much so we all have these flaws. If you don’t think darker skinned people can’t be racist then I have a big bridge in Sydney at a bargain price to sell you.

Meanwhile North Korea is oppressing and killing all living relatives for a single persons crimes, African war lords are killing and raping children, Russia is oppressing and jailing gays and lesbians. Is that what’s making you all so angry?

Or is the left that fucking deluded that they can’t see the real evil shit that humans are actually doing to each other?

Please wake the fuck up because the utopia you dream of is nothing of the sort. It’s pretty much the opposite; it’s choosing a race/religion/whatever to divide us and do evil things to one “group” in particular.

Why are you going along with this? The powers that be laugh at you while we fight each other. There’s so many more important things to focus on. Or are they too hard so we fight petty identity politics instead.

Love is the only solution. Why are we fighting each other so much?



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