I am not a hater, but have been overwhelmed by the features and unnecessary stuff in basecamp 3.
Avadh Dwivedi

Appreciate your thoughts, and I understand your perspective.

As with anything, it depends on your situation. Some people have said they’re upset because Basecamp 3 does less than Basecamp 2 or even Classic. And many say they love all the new things Basecamp 3 does. So it’s all about the mix — which parts are important to you, which ones aren’t, etc. Also, you can turn off tools you don’t want in Basecamp 3 so there’s a unique opportunity to customize it if you aren’t using something.

I’d be happy to show you how we use Basecamp 3. Email me at jason@basecamp… and we can set up a screen share. And I’d love to take the time to listen to your story and better understand what your day looks like with and without Basecamp.

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