It seems, though, that Jason has chosen to blame Slack and other group chat applications in 2016 where he has done the opposite for chosen distractions in the past.
Group Chat Is An Open Office
Jarad Johnson

I’m not blaming any specific product. My views have matured based on years of additional experience. I find real-time excellent for a few very specific things, and pretty terrible for most other things. And it’s not just real-time, it’s the way in which chat tools are designed — which hasn’t changed since IRC. The endless conveyor belt, the small field that encourages small talk, etc etc etc. We use chat at Basecamp — it’s even built into Basecamp 3 — but a whole lot less than we used to. And every time we have conversations off chat, they end up being better, more meaningful, more considered conversations. Those are the conversations I want more of, not less of.

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