Pure gold. Deeply appreciated.
joff redfern

  1. Product management isn’t a specific role at Basecamp. While overarching vision and big picture direction comes from a small core team, the teams working on the features/cycles themselves pretty much lead themselves.
  2. There are no constant drums re: growth. We talk about growth internally here and there, but it’s not what drives us. There are no pressures on individual features to drive growth. There are no pressures on product teams to build features that drive growth. We’re all just trying to make the best product we can. We primarily see growth as by-product of doing a good job. In the end, as long as we’re growing — even just a few percent a year — we’re happy. Sustainable, long-term growth compounds in all sorts of positive ways. That’s not to say we don’t try marketing or branding initiatives to bring more awareness to Basecamp the company and product, but it’s not really part of product development.
  3. We don’t currently have a formal marketing role or team.
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