Correct me if I am wrong, this obviously does not mean you can’t work long hours, it’s just that…
Kaustubh Nawade

Sustained long hours leads to burnout, difficulties holding down a life outside of work, and emotional wreckage. There are no superhumans — we’re all the same flesh and blood and biology. A rare burst here and there, yeah OK. Sustained, must-work-long-and-hard-always-at-all-costs, no thank you. I’ll gladly let someone else ahead of me in that line.

I can’t argue with Musk’s success, but equating his success to longer and harder would be discounting the truly distinctive traits and talents of such a visionary. There’s no one in second place right now and there are certainly plenty of individuals who’ve put in many hours in pursuit. And there are entire organizations many times larger than Tesla working on similar problems. Collectively they’ve put in a lot more time than Musk’s team has. The hours aren’t the differentiator.

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