DevOps Bootcamp: Grit

“Grit is choosing to lean in & work on your Art when the world thinks it’s already good enough.” — Rob Beaudreault

If there’s one thing I see from this specific group of bootcamp students; it’s grit. The amount of determination, not settling, and the willingness to grow in every way possible is applaudable.

Each and everyday; the amount of questions being asked slightly increases until the point of discussions emerging within the group.

You know something is being done right if the students are teaching other students amongst themselves. Being accustomed to understanding every line of code or every action we take is a stepping stone on being a great learner.

For example, we were given an assignment to create a Rails application with an API for the 4 CRUD HTTP verbs in one night with TDD when majority of the class had never worked on a web application before.

Churning the night away in the Apple room
Juan having a discussion with the other students

When given such a challenging homework, instead of going home; we went straight to the office to tackle it head on until the next morning. Some were pairing, others alone, but we were all essentially in it together throughout the night to work as a team.

This is grit. This is determination. This is the DevOps bootcamp gone right due to having great coaches, coordinators, and students who are all on the same page of self-growth and discovery.

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