Too bad we’re all stuck at home and our current president doesn’t know how to protect us from anything

I am a Democrat by default. They piss me off a lot, honestly. I don’t register as Independent or Green Party only because I prefer to vote for candidates who might win an election at some point.

If a Republican ever came along who could manage not to be a…

When your genetic gifts can no longer save you.

Way back in the summer of 1993, when ball was life, I followed my homie Mike to a rec center over somewhere on Bancroft near Cherry, two miles east of my parents’ house — but for all intents and purposes, a whole universe away. We stood outside for about a…

Making Sense of Something That Will Never Make Sense


That’s how I feel.

I’m sad, first and foremost, for all the victims and their families. I’m sad that we live in a world where fame, money and/or power override justice and fairness, almost always.

I’m sad for Mr. Cosby’s…

Jason Gilmore 90, Pneumonia 81 FINAL

Los Angeles, CA — After an initial misdiagnosis, followed by four days of coughing and misery, local, obscure, non-Academy Award®-nominated filmmaker Jason Gilmore used the correct antibiotic to go on a late 16–1 run to secure the win over the dangerous and highly seeded…

Serial killer Alton Coleman, the summer of ’84, and the end of a community’s innocence.

Everyone called him Pissy. Those are the names kids come up with when you’re twelve years old and still wetting the bed. Unemotional as a child, he was prone to long bouts of silence that…

Reflections on my two years as the only black varsity basketball player at a predominantly white prep school.

by Jason Gilmore

The summer before 11th grade, I fell deeply in love with basketball. By that time, I had already been playing for several years, and had been rooting for the Detroit Pistons even before that. My cousin Orlando had introduced both to me, and for several years, I…

Jason Gilmore

Filmmaker, novelist, husband and father.

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