The Shitlord’s Guide to Destroying Twitter Stock Price and Restoring Free Speech

#FreeMilo vs Twitter censorship

This is not a publication for the general population. This is a rallying cry for us, the people who are red-pilled and already know Twitter is a cucked company who censors conservative voices while ignoring accounts who advocate terrorism, incite violence, and participate in harassment.

We know we have the moral high ground, we are motivated, and it’s time to realize that victory is within reach and organize.

Tactic #1: use hashtags to attack as a decentralized swarm while staying loosely organized. #FreeMilo and $TWTR are both perfect and already in use. Make these thrive.

Tactic #2: attack $TWTR stock price.

  • Shitpost on any promoted tweet that you see: threaten to boycott the company for enabling censorship. Tell them you are blocking them for supporting censorship. Write a well-reasoned response explaining why censorship is bad. Attach the #FreeMilo tag.
  • Sustain pressure on advertisers to drop Twitter ads. We need to hit conservatives the hardest because they really shouldn’t be supporting a company that would silence them. For example, Dinesh D’souza is promoting tweets for his new movie. If we get guys like Dinesh to cut Twitter ads after we publicly pressure, others will follow. Hell, it will be great publicity for him, especially if he does a press release explaining why. Win-win. Hit them through emails, Facebook, Twitter, Linkedin, and anywhere else you can.
  • Public commentary about $TWTR stock price decline as a result of censorship. Shitposting with the $TWRT tag will work. Well-reasoned posts on financial blogger accounts will be better. Normal guys in desks need to realize there is an opportunity to short Twitter stock, profit, and be part of a good cause. This will become a self fulfilling prophecy especially as larger institutions pick up on the story. Again, write about this topic on any platform you can.

Tactic #3: We need conservative influencers on board. Many high level guys are on the free-speech zeitgeist right now: Roosh just released his book, Cernovich is working on a movie, and then there is Milo himself. Any one of these people could make this campaign explode overnight. But we have to lay the groundwork to make them realize it is worth their time, and at the same time we need multiple voices urging them to get on board.

This campaign is guaranteed to be effective: I’m new to Twitter but I’ve gamed social media hard before, building Tumblr accounts to 30k+ followings despite being repeatedly banned and deleted. I know what it looks like when something has the potential to go viral. Immediately after Milo’s account got deleted I was tweeting about boycotting advertisers and getting 1 or 2 likes. After 3 days of responding to every promoted tweet I saw I had one go viral with about 10 retweets and 30 likes. I have zero audience. The idea itself has the potential to go viral: Ruin Twitter’s stock price in retaliation for their censorship.

#FreeMilo can be the new #GamerGate. The difference this time is that our focus is on one single target, and that target is soft. $TWTR value plummeted over 10% today on weak earnings. Publicity associated with their censorship campaign couldn’t have helped, and more than likely was a direct influence. SJW CEO @Jack doubled down, spending the evening tweeting about Michelle Obama and the DNC rather than reassuring his shareholders and the public. This company is ripe to be attacked and Jack is a prime target to be the next unemployed SJW. His replacement will either make a commitment to free speech or also be destroyed.

We can make this happen.

Victory means incredible leverage against Facebook, Reddit, and all the other platforms that are also scheming to silence us but watching to see how this battle unfolds before jumping in. It is critical to take a stand here and make an example of Twitter.

We need to get out there immediately, declare war in a very public way, and then follow through. If you are reading this I more than likely sent you this message privately because you’ve shown yourself to be an ally. Please step up and become part of an epic movement, however you can.

Follow me @jasonglado, or steal this text and repost it, I don’t give a shit. I just want a free and open internet. If it takes Twitter going down in flames for that to happen, so be it.