Wisdom From a Local Musician (Part 1)

Looking back on the Journey from where you started can be tiring to think about, but let’s be grateful for all the mini victories along the way. Often when starting out in music, you continue to ask “ How can I get better/faster”? What am I missing here?. Then once you have developed a well oiled machine/muscle in your craft, you realize the answer is in the hard work and daily habits as well as the passion and drive. A lot of times you look outside of yourself for the help you need, until you realize that the answer was inside the entire time. That is when the apprentice slowly starts to become the master. Don’t be fooled by speed. It’s smoke and mirror’s. Baby steps is the best way. Go ahead and pick one topic/scale/progression/beat, then work on perfecting that one thing for a week before moving on. Play slow and work up with a metronome. If you want to write a better song, listen to your favorite song and analyze the arrangement/production/lyric/melody/sentiment/performance/mood. When your done that, take some space, come back with a clear mind and then forget that song and write from your unique and honest heart. If all else fails, hire a professional coach and take the fast track.

Until next time, keep your chops up.

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Jason Gordon(Artist/Producer/Writer/Entrepreneur)