I’ll always Feel the Bern, but now I’m With Her
Wil Wheaton

You just wrote my thoughts almost exactly. I have been an ardent supporter of Bernie and am sad that he didn’t get the nomination. But I too lived through the election of Bush, and I too threw my vote away naively voting for a pipe dream called Nader. My penance for that vote was spending the next 8 years writing letters, emails, protesting in the streets, and even getting arrested because of the horrible things our country was doing. I didn’t want to vote for Clinton, but I will do so happily. She was not my choice, but she will get my vote because it is unfathomable what a Trump Presidency will do to our country. If you supported Bernie, you have a duty to ensure that Trump does not become our next President. Doing anything less means you believed in a pipe dream and not in the hard work it takes to move our country forward.

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