Why do I use Rainmaker Platform exclusively? Put simply, the people.

The year?


The setting?

A curiously comfortable professional space not more than a hop, skip, and power run from downtown Denver, Colorado.

The co-conspirators?

Three sister businesses plus StudioPress pilot Brian Gardner, were exploring banding together and activating Copyblogger’s wonder-twin powers.

Form of, juggernaut.

In the end, they did. And that begat synergy.

Synergy is a powerful thing when combined with momentum.

My Copyblogger Media Kool-Aid recipe consists of:

  1. Brian Clark’s marketing philosophy
  2. Copyblogger Media Partners, those 5 individual human beings, that teamed up in 2010.
  3. And the entire, too talented team behind Rainmaker Platform, ie the Copyblogger Media team

Brian Clark’s Marketing Philosophy

We’ll kick off with what I refer to as Content Marketing 101, where in Brian Clark explained the incredibly sexy term (his words) of, content marketing as:

“It’s educating people enough to do business with you.”

That’s from his interview with Eric Enge in October of 2010.

Then in a guest post from April 23, 2013 on Marketing Land, Brian wrote:

The struggle many face with online marketing is a misguided impulse to put various tactics into separate boxes instead of seeing each as an aspect of one overarching strategic process.

And later in the same article:

But the true allure of content marketing is in building an audience

Customer’s Don’t Silo Their Communication

So their perception won’t silo your brand’s communications with them either. It’s them dealing with you, regardless.

It’s a singular human heartbeat you’re communicating with.

Whether it be on Facebook, on Twitter, through email, sending smoke signals, etc.

Regardless of HOW (the mode of communication, or channel), its still your customer engaging with your business.

One to one

Ideally in a two-way conversation. Where speaking is followed by actually listening to the other and not just biding time til your turn to speak again.

Perception remains reality, so if your customer perceives the entirety of their communications with your brand/business/product/service within the context of a one-to-one conversation, wouldn’t your business benefit by doing the same?

The Copyblogger Media “philosophy” continues to evolve with new understanding and believe me when I say, this team learns like it’s their job.

Because it’s their job.

Synergy early in the network effect

Lets get on the same page by googling a quick definition of synergy.

The interaction or cooperation of two or more organizations, substances, or other agents to produce a combined effect greater than the sum of their separate effects. Google Search

You need a handful of tools in order to take your business online and allow it to benefit from the internet.

You’re familiar with the term, network effect?

Network effect

the effect that one user of a good or service has on the value of that product to other people. Google Search

Which offers an opportunity for the internet and humans doing business on it.

The more people coming online and capable of conducting business online, the more value for the rest of us doing business online.

We’re all supporting ourselves, our families, and the families of others with our business online.

More sellers means more buyers

I already shared my single best piece of Rainmaker Platform advice.

Why do I use Rainmaker Platform exclusively?

The day-to-day freedom from focusing on anything but growing my business.

That is thanks to the Rainmaker Platform (AFFILIATE LINK).

Which allows me to organize my audience. Which makes it a heap easier to grow my audience.

Hear the audio version here

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