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Because we didn’t think you had enough to do already

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Photo by Giorgio Trovato on Unsplash

In an effort to free your minds and keep that gray stuff from growing moss, Freethinkr invites all you “agents of word” to dip a toe into the first-ever Freethinkr 100-word challenge. Use the power of that noodle of yours to craft some juicy written prose. Should you choose to accept, here is how it works.

Posted each week on Freethinkr, a prompt is given, which can be a picture or a series of individual words, and you must use up to 100 words to write a creative piece.

  1. Simply email your piece of writing to freethinkrpub@gmail.com (use in the subject line: Freethinkr 100-word Challenge) by the deadline and one of our team will upload the piece of writing to the blog for all to read. …

What we need is a lot more people respecting one another

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Image Source: Jason Weiland

Scrolling through my social media feed is like flying over a battle zone. A trip to my favorite restaurant usually means some entitled Karen or Ken complaining they had to wait too long or upset because they had to wear a facemask and shield to gain entry.

On the road, people are getting cut off, and angry tempers flare.

Everywhere you go virtually and in real life, people are treating each other like shit. Trolls have come out of hiding, encouraged by their Tweeter-in-Chief. …

A Philippines travel guide for the complete novice traveler or expat wanting to relocate

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Image Source: Jason Weiland

When I came to the Philippines in 2011, many things were different than they are now. Now, nobody is traveling, and travel locally in the Philippines is just starting to open up.

But, nine years ago, the world was accessible, and so were the borders.

After meeting my future wife online, I decided to move my life to the Philippines instead of going through the long and unnecessarily complicated U.S. visa process for her.

The problem was, I had never been anywhere. Sure I took a few drunken trips through Mexico border towns and traveled the States extensively for business, but I had never been on an international flight or immigrated to another country. …

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