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Image by Thomas Jan Kaczynski from Pixabay

They had arranged to meet at the usual time and place. Seven o’clock at the Blue Angel on the last Monday of the month. They had kept this arrangement for several months and would often meet on other occasions as well, but had this regular date to catch up with each other’s news, to talk about work, life, love, the past, present, future and anything else that came to mind.

A few drinks, a huge meal, a few more drinks followed by the much younger David usually driving the much older John home as he would have had a few more than was absolutely necessary. …

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Photo by Ben White on Unsplash

It’s September and children are going back to school soon, if they haven’t gone back already and there’s that feeling in the air that summer’s now over. It’s lovely seeing children in new uniforms being taken to school by their proud parents. It can be difficult for the parents, but perhaps it’s even more so for the children.

I know it’s something that we have all gone through — though perhaps some time ago — but spare a thought for the children as they face new beginnings in their young lives.

How brave are they to be going to ‘big school’ on their first day? …

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Photo by Alfred Leung on Unsplash

It’s not about buildings nor uni degrees

It’s not about money nor hugging some trees

It’s not about Trump nor what’s now the alt-right

It’s not about Brexit nor looking to fight

It’s not about politics nor the lie that’s post-truth

It’s not about Facebook nor engaging youth

It’s not about oil nor the internet trolls

It’s not about tech nor the setting of goals

It’s not about power nor conspiracies

It’s not about business nor sexualities

It’s not about immigrants nor the fake news

It’s not about war nor the lifestyle you choose

We’re all simply people who want to be loved

Afraid of rejection Not being enough

When the world has gone crazy

And we’re nearing the end

What do you stand for?

No time to pretend

What will be left

To defend?


Jason Newton

I write about life, travelling, living in Spain as a foreigner, music and poetry. Taking some time out from Medium at the moment.

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