Discovering my new favourite band at 52

Your teenage years are usually when you are ripe for discovering new music. You weren’t around for when much of it came out, so you get into it in your own time. …

How a tiny, local radio station can make your day better

Black and white house in need of repair
Photo by Robbie Down on Unsplash

In the morning chaos of the only bar open in the area at 7:30 AM, the TV news that nobody was watching was blaring, the lights were bright and local workers were chatting loudly amid the sound of coffee being served quite loudly. …

Illuminated sign that says ‘Recording’
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Or how to get past your creative procrastination

Creating anything requires ideas, imagination and ability, but also courage, discipline and hope. It doesn’t matter if you are painting your masterpiece, writing a book or here on Medium, you’re putting yourself and your creative ideas out there for the world to (ideally) love. …

What would you really do with it?

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Nobody seems to have any time these days.

But people have always been busy. There have always been families, jobs and social lives to consider. We have more ever-improving technology than ever to make our lives easier so we can ‘save time’ to enjoy our lives more. …

Because you need to and it would hurt not to?

Photo by Priscilla Du Preez on Unsplash

Is it money, fame, and glory? This can be true to varying degrees for many people, but if you are not one of those people, what is your real motivation for doing what you do?

I watched one of my favorite films ‘Sideways’ last night. Spoiler alert if you haven’t…

Image by Thomas Jan Kaczynski from Pixabay

They had arranged to meet at the usual time and place. Seven o’clock at the Blue Angel on the last Monday of the month. …

Photo by Ben White on Unsplash

How we can learn from children being brave at ‘big school’?

It’s September and children are going back to school soon, if they haven’t gone back already and there’s that feeling in the air that summer’s now over. It’s lovely seeing children in new uniforms being taken to school by their proud parents. …

Jason Newton

I’m from London, live in Spain, love vermouth and write about music, personal development, languages, food, travel and living abroad as a foreigner.

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