Pardon Me While I Dust Off My Tin Foil Hat

All this conspiracy noise. Stop it. We’re better than that.

Me, this election season

Us liberals like to consider ourselves an educated and reasonable bunch. I’m sure conservatives have a thing or two to say about that, but I’m speaking from our own perspective. Plus we do have demographic data to at least show we dun had more schooling, for whatever that’s worth.

So it’s funny to me when the supposed smarty pants start to dive into the same conspiracy theory muck we so smugly like to laugh off from the other side.

Many Donald Trump supporters believe Hillary Clinton is a corrupt liar, that’s no secret. She paid off the justice system to get away with murder, multiple times, and sometimes literally. This is a decades-long scam — from Hillarycare, to the USS Cole, to the first World Trade Center bombing, to Monica Lewinsky, to the Clinton Foundation, to the deleted emails, to Benghazi, all the until right now in this election in which she will undoubtedly cheat her way into the highest office of the land.

Never mind all this information comes from unnamed sources, or those with a personal agenda. Never mind there’s no evidence to prove that case, despite decades of various and vigorous investigations.

I shake my head at such nonsense.

Now we have this recent email “scandal.” I put that in quotes because yet again there is no evidence of any illegal activity, because if there was, she would have been prosecuted by now.

FBI Director James Comey said as much on the subject a few months ago, to the dismay of the tin foil hat conspiracy theorists on the right who were hoping for a bombshell. Obviously that means Comey is corrupt as well. Or maybe that Bill Clinton threatened his life when they met that one time. It goes that deep you guys. The murderous length to which Hillary will go to become President is never ending.

Ah but then the tables turn and the political soap opera ratchets up a notch, like sands through the hourglass.

Comey goes and releases that vague letter reporting that the FBI is looking at some other Clinton emails, that are maybe somewhat related, somehow, to something, I guess. To those on the right, Comey went from villain to hero. Vindicated for past wrong doing. Finally someone is speaking out against the corrupt Clintons.

When the tables turn, apparently they go all the way around too, and some on the left decided to join the right in the muck. Democrats, it’s time to dust off your tin foil hats.

So you see, there’s a group of FBI agents in New York who are hell-bent on destroying Hillary. They’re obsessed with Breitbart and believe every nonsense story they publish, following every “report” and “lead.” They found some other emails to Hillary from someone else, totally unrelated to the private server and totally pointless, but enough of an innuendo to leak it to the Trump campaign and Breitbart. It’s all enough to pressure Comey to release a cryptic letter about Hillary right before an election that will undoubtedly lead to wild speculation in the media. Immediate built-in Hillary attack ad. And Comey’s orchestrating the whole thing because he’s a Republican hack just like the rest of the “Trumpland.” The FBI is politicized and is now trying to rig the election.

Never mind all this information comes from unnamed sources, or those with a personal agenda. Never mind there's no evidence to prove that case.

Again, I shake my head at such nonsense. This time I’m taking to you, Democrats.

Maybe all that is true. But on the same token, maybe Hillary is a corrupt murder. Neither has been proven. Both make for interesting television, that’s for sure. But they are merely two sides of the same conspiracy coin.

I think most of us are tired of it, all of it.

On this issues, I agree with Hillary on almost every count, except perhaps to think her proposals or likely solutions won’t be progressive enough. While I disagree with Trump on his policies, I also see a thin-skinned, temper-tantrum, cruel, and insensitive person, the type of which should be no where near the white house, let alone the nuclear codes.

Never mind there is already mounds dirt on Trump that’s just out there in plain sight — absurd, crude, and cruel statements he’s said and campaign events, on video, or in a tweet, all public. We don’t need a conspiracy theory to prove Trump is unfit, and possibly unwell.

Those are the issues and the temperament discussion that a political election is supposed to be about. Right now those issues pop up here and there, but barely, and certainly not to the degree the American people expect from our media.

I will not put on a tin foil hat. I will not listen to the electoral noise because I know the real issues are far too important. I’m happy to have a respectful debate with anyone on those issues, and that is noble. But I’m not going to debate, share, tweet or otherwise promote innuendo masking as information.

All this that’s happening now — all the fake news, and speculation, and self-righteous anger over unproven accusations — stop it. Stop. It. We’re better than that.