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How To Find The A-spot

Hey guys, Jason Julius here, and in this video, I wanna talk to you about how to find the A-spot. Now, the A spot is my favorite spot in giving women full body vaginal orgasms, full body squirting orgasms. And, you know, some women are more responsive to G-spot stimulation. Some are more responsive to A-spot stimulation. I would say that more women are actually more responsive to A-spot stimulation.

So how do you find the A-spot? Well, the A-spot is the vaginal fornix, which is the little rim that goes all the way around the cervix, which, as you can imagine, the cervix is all the way in, at the deepest level. And that little area around the cervix is the vaginal fornix, the A-spot. Now, this is the muscles that contract during a vaginal orgasm, so if you can stimulate these, you can make her orgasm for sure. So, you know, regular women who are like, “I don’t know if I can have a vaginal orgasm.”

You stimulate the A-spot, you’re gonna give her that amazing first experience with it, because 80% of women still have never had a vaginal orgasm, which is crazy.

It’s one of the most powerful orgasms a woman can ever have. So how do you find it?

Well, what I want you to do is have your woman lay on her back, and you’re facing her. You’re gonna be palm up, and you’re going to put your…insert your finger, your finger, because the best way to find it and be able to stimulate it directly is with the tip of your finger, to be able to understand where it’s at.

And so you’re gonna go in palm up, and you’re gonna go in as far as you can with your index finger or your middle finger. Your middle finger might be a little bit longer. And you’re gonna go back as far as you can. And what you’re going to do, is you’re going to do a “come here” type of a motion. And I don’t want you to be totally concerned about whether or not you’re far enough back to touch the rim that’s around her cervix.

I want you to just go back as far as you can. I want you to go pass the G-spot, which is about two knuckles in. I want you to go all the way in, and I want you to pull down on the front wall of her vagina. And what I want you to do is continue to do that and watch her reaction to it.

And I don’t have particularly big hands, and I don’t always get all the way back to the rim right before her cervix. But what I will do is I’ll watch for the area where she’ll respond. And I think that the value is in understanding how her body reacts. And you can oftentimes stimulate her in a way that she’s never been stimulated before, because a penis can’t do this while it’s that deep inside of her.

But once you actually give her that orgasm before sex begins, that entire area becomes so sensitive that she’ll have…she’ll be 10 times more likely to orgasm during sex, which makes sex amazing.

And the amazing thing about the vaginal fornix, the A-spot is that, that whole area, all the way around the cervix, is very sensitive, not just the front wall, like the G-spot. So you can give her orgasms from the back of her A-spot, or even via anal stimulation, because that’s the back of the A-spot as well. There’s so many variations to this, and so many different ways that you can touch her. But that will give you an idea on how to find the A-spot, and get you started, and then you can build it up from there.

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Originally published at on July 26, 2017.