The End of the Republic: Part 6 — Sum Up and Move On
Jeff Herzbach

And jeez, I can’t believe I have to say this, but let me dot the i: OF COURSE Trump is a narcissistic asshole money-obsessed self-interested dickhead of the highest degree. To quote some of the modern greats: “duh.” There is not a single objective person who could say he is fit for office, that he has the interests of the citizenry at heart, or that he is not a danger.

But, despite this, or because of this, or irrespective of this, he won the Republican nomination although he was only recently a Republican disparaging (at least on the campaign trail) of many things Republican, he won the Electoral College because of our remarkably nondemocratic election process, and he is President. He got tens of millions of people to support him. Your self-appointed task is to explain this.

The stuff you’ve written so far? Yeah yeah, we know. Now answer the question of why.

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