The End of the Republic: Part 6 — Sum Up and Move On
Jeff Herzbach

Jeff, I was with you through all these words, and here you are coming to the close. You titled the section “Sum Up And Move On.” You write “The entire investigation was motivated by my sincere attempt to understand the people who voted for him. Were they dupes? Lazy? Basing their decision on other factors? Four weeks on, it is just toxic water under the crumbling bridge.”

That’s it?

No: I refuse to accept this. Get back in there. Finish what you started, damn it.

You know my thesis: his voters were exactly and only one or more of the following three character types: ignorant, prejudiced, or intellectually incapable (this last subsumes those who voted for him out of greed because that will prove short-sighted to them and their families’ real interests). I stand by my assessment. Now let’s hear what you have to say.

Saddle up.

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