Jason Katzenback, co-founder and CEO of Amazing, announces fundraiser to mark the first Angelversary of his daughter, Gayle. Jason and his wife, Charlene, are dedicated to raising awareness of childhood cancer, since their daughter Gayle lost her battle against Ewings-sarcoma CIC-DUX4 on March 15, 2018. To mark the anniversary of her passing, the family has launched a #lovegayle t-shirt and sweatshirt fundraiser.

The apparel has a special significance as the hand-drawn designs were created by Gayle’s Mum and includes all their daughter’s most loved things such as sunflowers, forget-me-nots, and her spirit animal, a fox. …

Hi! Jason Katzenback with Amazing here. A few days ago, I shared quotes from successful Amazon sellers on what they’d do if they had to start over.

But I left the one from Ryan Moran on purpose. What Ryan shared is very important, and many sellers tend to forget it.

In addition to owning an Amazon-based business, Ryan is also the founder of Capitalism.com, where he teaches entrepreneurs to build businesses and invest the profits.

So let’s see what’s so important that Ryan has to say:

“At the first-ever SellerCon, in the days of ASM1, I heard Matt Clark talk…

In 2005, I launched my first online membership training course called Portal Feeder. A couple of years before, in 2003, the CEO of the company I was working for decided to abolish all bonuses. That same year, he got over a seven-million-dollar stock option. It was a huge eye-opener to work for someone else who was not going to allow me to achieve the goals I truly wanted. I started creating and figuring out how to use the internet for the lifestyle I wanted to achieve.

First, I created educational material on different topics that people would be interested in…

Regardless of your business, having an email list is one of your biggest assets. Whether you sell services digitally or offer physical products, a modest, targeted email list will launch your business quickly. With a focused collection of people that are already interested in what you sell, starting out will be easier, no matter your niche.

Building an email list is the hard part, especially if you’re new to the business world. To get good results, you’ll have to put in some effort, but these methods are a simple way to stir up attention.

Here are 5 quick ways to…

In order to drive more traffic to your website and increase sales, you should have good content pieces in your promotion package.

Having the ability to “create” content properly is one of THE most important skills you must know.

See that I mention “to create” content, not “to write” an essay.

From a marketing and personal point of view, the difference is very important.

Most of us, including myself, do not view ourselves as journalists. In fact, most individuals would claim that they couldn’t write to save their lives.

This might because we are trained in school that writers must…

Earlier in the week, we talked about an easy way to write content to drive traffic and consumers to your products. Now, I want to discuss how to attract people to read those articles. Everyday, billions of searches are made on Google from people searching for answers to their problems, questions, or “how to’s”.

This is the perfect opportunity to become the provider of those answers while creating the right image of your brand.

Google has secret algorithms that are used to classify websites and articles. …

There’s nothing better in life than finding what you’re passionate about and building a business around it. My passion revolves around building businesses and teaching others how building a business can help them find financial freedom. It took me a long time to figure out that I could have a business built around my passions. I used to work on businesses where money was my motive, and I found that it was NOT worth it.

Over the years I have learned a lot about following my passion for business. Passion is important, but you have to rely on more than…

When you’re growing a business, customers are your number one source of revenue. The most important thing you can do is make sure that your revenue source is as happy as can be. While priorities may shift, and distractions may appear, you always need to keep your customers at the forefront at the end of the day. Stellar customer service grows a business, anything less than that destroys it.

Follow these seven steps to ensure your company is always maintaining high-quality customer service:

  1. Focus on the customer experience and future effect of every communication and action.

If you’re waiting until…

Building a successful business requires an overwhelming amount of tasks to be completed. Many entrepreneurs find themselves buried with day to day tasks, becoming slaves to their business, while others seem to have much more time on their hands. So, what’s the major difference? Delegation.

Smart business owners know how to delegate their “low-dollar-low-impact” tasks to someone else. This frees up their time from the menial parts of owning and operating a business, allowing them to focus on “high-value-high-impact” tasks.

It’s important to be able to go through your lists of tasks and free up time so that you are…

Jason Katzenback is the co-founder and CEO of Amazing.com. Amazing.com is the leading online education organization for entrepreneurs. Amazing Selling Machine was created by Amazing.com to offer training courses for selling physical products on Amazon. Recently, Amazing.com released the tenth version of the Amazing Selling Machine. For more information about our company and what we offer, go read Amazing.com reviews on Facebook and Amazing Selling Machine reviews on our blog. Jason is married and has two daughters. They live in Austin, Texas. Below he discusses the ten mistakes to avoid when starting a business.

Through my own experience as an…

Jason Katzenback

Jason Katzenback is co-founder & CEO of Amazing. He is a philanthropist, entreprenuer, & family man. He is happily married. He & his wife have 2 daughters.

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