Jason Katzenback: Creating Content to Drive Sales

In order to drive more traffic to your website and increase sales, you should have good content pieces in your promotion package.

Having the ability to “create” content properly is one of THE most important skills you must know.

See that I mention “to create” content, not “to write” an essay.

From a marketing and personal point of view, the difference is very important.

Most of us, including myself, do not view ourselves as journalists. In fact, most individuals would claim that they couldn’t write to save their lives.

This might because we are trained in school that writers must have correct grammar and proper English.

However, business writing is not the same as school. It is not a “correct grammar and proper English” method. Writing is not done for artistic expression or just for the sake of writing.

Writing is done with a purpose and an endgame in mind.

In order to do that, good practices and guidelines must be followed to make the piece as useful as possible.

Writing becomes more like crafting for business and promotion purposes. This is a skill that must be learned, not one you are born with.

This is significant for many reasons. Articles that are well-crafted have the ability to:

Put you in a position to be an expert within your niche.

Create new possibilities with individuals who already have an audience of the consumer you want to attract.

Help your brand rank higher on Google and Amazon’s search listings.

Become a valuable and significant asset in the coming years.

Allow me to show you a few established formulas to create content that individuals will read.

First, you want to have a topic for your article. You can write content with lists, where you list 10 tips, or top 3 products, or 5 mistakes, etc.

Here’s an example: “8 activities for kids on a car trip — keep kids quiet and calm for your vacation road trip.”

“How-to” articles can be written to help an individual learn something new (while your product is mentioned). “How to treat itchy dry skin” for example.

Create a guide to purchasing, which helps consumers with making the right choice. Something like, “The best guide to purchasing your next coffee maker.”

An article written to review a product, even your own product is a popular way to go. These can be posted on your website or another webpage. “Is purchasing (blank) product worth the money?”

Any combination of these ideas could be done to create a great article.

Of course, you will find many ideas to create content, however, these are easy to produce and will give the best results.

Now that you have chosen an angle and format, it’s time to come up with a catchy headline. A headline should make people want to read it your article right then.

Let’s go over some of the headline examples I mentioned above.

Top [NUMBER] ideas/tips/products/etc. for [THE ISSUE THEY HAVE OR WANT TO DODGE]



The best guide to purchasing [PRODUCT TYPE]: what to avoid, what to look for, and how to make the best decision and not get cheated

Is product [PRODUCT NAME] valuable

Review of [PRODUCT NAME]

Mix them up. For example, “Best flat iron for your hair: 8 pros and cons of purchasing new technology.”

Now you have possibly a powerful piece of content. A piece that will attract the audience you are hoping to gain.

You should begin your article the perfect way to keep their attention and make them want to continue reading.

For example, your product is a kid’s game that can be played in the car and you put it with “8 activities for kids on a car trip — keep kids quiet and calm for your vacation road trip.”

Your article can begin like this:

A road trip with children is both an exciting and tiring event. Particularly when the trip is long. While you’re driving, keeping your eyes on the road, and daydreaming, as your spouse is napping or checking their phone. But the kids want to have fun, they're bored, and they don’t understand patience. Here’s a list of fun things to keep children entertained (while you enjoy the peace) in the car:

Next, you began your list. Super simple. There is no need to make things complicated.

The beginning of your article is called the lead.

Once the lead is written you can create the main content or the body of the article.

Nothing is a secret here.

Plain and simple. Just teach them by telling them what you want.

Add content like pictures, videos, quotes, etc. to enrich your article.

The final component is the call to action or CTA.

Of course, the first goal of your written piece is to educate, inform, rank higher, etc. however at the end, you should always have a proposal or a CTA, something they should accomplish.

Right at the end of your content is the best place for this.

You can give a coupon or other incentive. Or simply encourage them to click a link to check out your product.

Of course, inviting your reader to share your content, leave a comment, or subscribe to your monthly newsletter, etc. Usually, good enough is good enough. Don’t make this overcomplicated.

There you have a very simple outline and method in order to craft content that will give you the results you need.

A final word of wisdom: don’t overthink it.

Do not try to write a proper English paper. Be real and informal.

Be real. Be conversational. Don’t try to write an essay or be proper.

Keep in mind that not every piece you put out there is going to be amazing. Some may tank while others will do great.

Consider your content a piece of digital property you are placing out there.

Get yourself going. Get the first piece written and out there, whether it’s Good or bad. Each time will get easier.

With experience, your writing and the content you create will only get better.

Keep in mind, this is a skill to be learned.

The skill takes a while to master.

I guarantee it will be worth the effort. It’s a great skill to have in your toolbox.

About Jason Katzenback:

Jason Katzenback is the CEO and co-founder of Amazing.com. The company is a leading online education organization for business owners. Amazing.com’s signature course is Amazing Selling Machine, an online training program that gives entrepreneurs step by step guidance to build their own brand, selling physical products on Amazon. Want more from information to help grow your business? Find out how to get your articles in front of people with this article, Easy SEO for Amazon Sellers.