Jason Katzenback: The Road to Amazing

In 2005, I launched my first online membership training course called Portal Feeder. A couple of years before, in 2003, the CEO of the company I was working for decided to abolish all bonuses. That same year, he got over a seven-million-dollar stock option. It was a huge eye-opener to work for someone else who was not going to allow me to achieve the goals I truly wanted. I started creating and figuring out how to use the internet for the lifestyle I wanted to achieve.

First, I created educational material on different topics that people would be interested in. For example, if a child was a picky eater, I created an e-book on how to help your child who is becoming a picky eater. In doing that, I started to generate some decent revenue. More important, people started asking me questions and I was getting really good feedback on the products I was creating. So, I started teaching people how to do what I was doing, and generate money by providing value through information and education online.

That’s why in 2005, we decided to launch something called Portal Feeder, to teach people what we were doing and how to promote their products so they could grow a business. Over the years, I was able to really refine how to create a community, deliver training, and solve problems for people.

Then in 2011, I ended up meeting my now business partner, Matt Clark, who was a young guy at the time. He was generating this crazy amount of monthly revenue selling his own brand of physical products on Amazon. I met him, and after we talked for a few minutes, I realized this guy really had his stuff together. He understood business and he understood how to do things. I asked if he wanted to become a content partner with me, where we would create a course teaching people how to sell on Amazon.

And that’s what we did. We originally created a partnership where he could be responsible for the content, while I used my marketing and lists that we had created for my company to launch our first product. Within a year we realized that Amazon was gigantic, and growing quickly.

Within the first few months of starting my own Amazon business, I was getting phenomenal results. Our students were getting phenomenal results. We realized at that time, that Matt and I wanted to become real business partners, where it wasn’t just a partnership, it was an actual business, almost a marriage.

What we were experiencing and what we were teaching people was transforming their lives. They were coming to us and saying, “You’ve changed my life. You’ve made it so now I have freedom. You’ve changed it now that I can travel. You’ve changed it now that I can empower my children.” There were so many positives coming from it, within the benefits we found our passion. We found a passion for making people’s lives amazing.

We started our first course and called it the Amazing Academy. The original product that we launched was the Amazing Selling Machine. As it started developing, we created the Amazing Academy. This would encompass training through different levels that people were in during their journey of selling products on Amazon. That’s where we are today. We now have, by far, the most successful course ever created for teaching people how to create stuff through businesses leveraging the power of Amazon.

In my opinion, and that of many others, we have the absolute best conference anywhere for Amazon sellers, called SellerCon. In addition, we offer a monthly membership where we train Amazon sellers. It’s really developed into this system for helping individuals, whether they’ve created a business before or not, to achieve goals that they would otherwise never have been able to and didn’t even know they’d be capable of.

A lot of times, people are afraid of the idea of entrepreneurship. They relate entrepreneurs to hugely successful people like Richard Branson, and they think that’s something special beyond them. When they realize that anybody can do this, as long as they have the desire and drive, we provide a solution and teach them. It’s been an incredible journey. We have so many people that have achieved success and were just blown away.

Success is all over the map from the perspective of what success is. Some people are happy because they generated million-dollar businesses, even multi-million-dollar businesses. Other people are happy because now they get to quit their day job and still provide money for their family. Others are just happy because they’ve always wanted to have their own business selling their own products.

What we teach is a legitimate business strategy. This is something where you’re creating real assets. You’re creating your own brand of physical products that becomes yours to own. You own that brand for whatever length of time you want. If you want to sell it until you’re no longer on this earth and pass it down to your family, or if you want to sell it to someone for millions of dollars, which we have many students do, or if you want to run it as a hobby, whatever your desire is, we can help you achieve that through what we’ve created.

About Jason Katzenback and Amazing:

Amazing is the leading e-learning resource for entrepreneurs, co-founded by Jason Katzenback and Matt Clark. The company’s flagship program, the Amazing Selling Machine(ASM), teaches how to create your own brand and sell products through Amazon’s platform. Amazing released the tenth version of ASM at the end of 2018 with the most up to date tips and tricks for business owners. Every year they host a convention for anyone who sells on Amazon to network and learn valuable business lessons. For more information on Amazing and all they have to offer visit https://www.facebook.com/amazingcom/. Katzenback lives in Austin, Texas where Amazing is headquartered. He is married with two daughters.

Jason Katzenback is co-founder & CEO of Amazing. He is a philanthropist, entreprenuer, & family man. He is happily married. He & his wife have 2 daughters.

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