How I became a target of the alt-right
Arrington de dionyso

If you were an honorable individual you would simply deny any involvement in any wrong doing. Except you have become nothing more than a partisan operative. Let me tell you clearly, Clinton sold political influence for profit and she jeopardized classified material. That is NOT opinion; it is fact! And it is criminal!

Comet Ping Pong Pizza clearly has some explaining to do. From Majestic Ape openingly dialoguing with an audience about pedophilia, demonstrates a culture of possible criminal behavior and child endangerment. From Alefantis using the #chicklover bullshit on his instagram account and all the other weird sexualizing of children and violence. And yes, we have Hillary’s speech writer at Politics and Prose, in addition to Beyond Borders being funded by the Clinton Foundation and the references to HAITI by mutant ninja turtles photo’s. And further all the damn emails about the Podesta brothers and Hillary and their connection to that block.

You can take your social justice warrior terms and shove them up your ass. You can sit back and laugh at your computer screen, until your blue in the face about conspiracy theories all you want. A lot of people are going to be looking at that block and certainly at you!

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