Advice on Applying to Data Science Jobs

Jason Goodman
Oct 3, 2016 · 15 min read

Finding Jobs: Factors to Consider

Data Sophistication: Analysts vs. Researchers

Distributed vs. Centralized

Small vs. Large

Researching Companies

Sources for Job Postings

Andy Rachleff

Posting on Facebook

LinkedIn and Second Degree Connections

Vetting Companies


Preparing for Interviews

The Cadence of Interviews

Personal Website

Don’t Focus on Kaggle; Instead Do Your Own Projects


Pick R or Python

Learn your basic data manipulation functions and presentation methods really well

Prepare for “Why us?” and “What feature or product would you add?”

Use the Product

Ask good questions at the end of interviews

Specific Resources I Used to Prepare

Some Example Questions I Got in Interviews

The Offer Stage

Learn about RSUs and Options

Don’t Negotiate Early / Don’t Give a Number

“So, where else are you applying?”


Jason Goodman

Written by

Data Scientist at Airbnb; ever-curious

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